Meet the artists behind Dirtybird Campout: Claude VonStrokeDBC16 MeetYourCounselor CVS 1 1

Meet the artists behind Dirtybird Campout: Claude VonStroke

The inaugural edition of Dirtybird Campout took place in Silverado, CA during October of last year — and what an inauguration it was. Coonskin caps were donned, water balloons were thrown, and attendees unfulfilled childhood dreams came true, all amidst a perpetual stream of delectable beats courtesy of Dirtybird and friends.

Returning to Silverado’s Oak Canyon Park this October 7-9, Dirtybird Campout’s sophomore year promises to be bigger and better than ever. In addition to the label’s own roster of exceedingly talented acts, names such as Tourist, Paranoid London, and Marc Houle have found their place on the lineup, with a few more surprise guests still to come. Ahead of the festival, we’ve teamed up with Dirtybird for an ongoing interview series spotlighting both the imprint’s own stars, as well as the myriad of world-class artists on the bill.

First up was Dirtybird co-founding member Christian Martin, and now it’s on to the head honcho himself, Counselor Claude VonStroke. VonStroke returns this year in a few forms: as a counselor making the rounds, participating in the plethora of extracurricular activities campout has to offer, on the lineup under his aforementioned house moniker, and under his real name (and analog bass sound), Barclay Crenshaw. With Green Velvet at the top of the lineup as well, it feels as if a Get Real set could also be brimming on the horizon….

Meet the artists behind Dirtybird Campout: Claude VonStrokeDBC16 MeetYourCounselor CVS 1 1


How long have you been DJing for? Where was your first gig, and how did it go?

I have been “DJing” forever. I had a radio show even in high school. But I think you are asking how long I’ve been mixing records in front of people for money.
In that regard I’ve been doing it 15 years. My first show was probably as a Drum n Bass DJ in Michigan at a little bar where nobody liked drum n bass. It was terrible.

What are some of your earliest releases as Claude VonStroke? Would you play them out?

I always played Deep Throat which was my first track as Claude VonStroke. I never really made a lot of tracks that I wouldn’t play out live. That was always kind of the test to see if it was good or not. Play it out and see how it goes.

If you could go camping for a weekend with any musician, living or dead, who would you choose and why?

Zamfir, master of the pan flute. He could tame all the animals with his flute and we could record a meditation album next to a stony creek.

What are three essential items you wouldn’t go camping without?

Water, alcohol and shoes!

What were some of your favorite memories from Dirtybird Campout 2015?

Playing my very first “Barclay Crenshaw” set I was very very nervous about it and I was exhausted from doing all the activities but I pulled through for a minor victory. Also when Christian Martin played all the old old missing bootlegs at about 7:30am the night before. He played all the tracks from when we all started doing house music — I shed a tear for that because it was such an ordeal getting the campout to actually happen and it was such a culmination of everything we had been working towards, the old tracks just brought out some deep emotions. Another great memory was the talent show it was so far beyond what I was expecting. people were funny as hell and so creative. I remember laughing until my belly hurt.

What games, events and activities are you looking forward to the most at Dirtybird Campout? Which new ones did you suggest for 2016?

We have a new corn-holing championship, and I think we are having a giant human foosball table. The comedy show is always a highlight for me and of course I’m super excited that we were able to get Reggie Watts to come perform! All the games are really fun from water balloons through tug of war and archery. I enjoy and participate in everything.

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