New study implies most vinyl buyers are middle-agedVinyl Record Store

New study implies most vinyl buyers are middle-aged

Although digital is the medium for music in the current day and age, vinyl records have been making a significant resurgence in recent years. In fact, 2015 saw revenue brought in from vinyl record sales topped annual revenue from online music streaming.

Due to the upswing in demand, music technology and distribution companies alike have been trying to bring vinyl into the 21st century with new products like a Bluetooth-enabled turntable, services like vinyl subscription, or by simply making vinyl records cheaper to produce. Even Urban Outfitters joined in the fray.

A new study by YouGov, however, suggests that these companies may be targeting an incorrect demographic with this type of innovation. The study found that the majority of this newfound demand is actually coming from middle-aged (45 – 54 years old), nostalgia-driven music enthusiasts.

It is important to note that the data from this study was gathered from adults in the UK. The results of such a study in the United States or elsewhere in Europe may have quite different results.

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