Öona Dahl makes blissful debut on All Day I Dream [EP Review]Öona Dahl Let The Light In

Öona Dahl makes blissful debut on All Day I Dream [EP Review]

Öona Dahl’s latest EP is keenly titled Let The Light In. Each of its three tracks exude gentle energy, freeing the mind from an imperfect reality as they envelope listeners in wistful melodies and subtle percussion. The EP’s title track immediately cements the output’s airy tone, using sweeping string samples and glittering chimes to create a weightless atmosphere and images of peaceful landscapes.

“Soul Of The World” provides an intense, albeit dreamy climax for the EP. Haunting vocal clips soar over lush percussion and hollow instrumentals, while vibrating synths interject to add gravity to an otherwise breezy auditory experience. Dahl goes on to conclude her body of work with “You Give Me Life,” combining aspects of Let The Light In‘s previous compositions to forge a blissful journey through a hypnotic note arrangement guided by prominent kicks.

Let The Light In is Öona Dahl‘s first official release on Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream imprint, following her entrance into the brand as a valued guest at the collective’s global parties. The Berlin artist’s skill in creating emotive shades of deep house and tech have led her to a number of international transformational gatherings, where she’s built a sturdy legion of fans enticed by her music’s ethos.

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