Pizza Hut has created playable pizza box DJ decksPizza Hut Dj Bo Da

Pizza Hut has created playable pizza box DJ decks

Pizza Hut just upped the ante on pizza deliver as we know it. No longer will simply pizza pie and soda pop suffice — Pizza Hut is ushering in a new era of pizza parties with the world’s first playable pizza box DJ decks. In a similar move to McDonald’s MIDI controller placemats, Pizza Hut has designed a new battery-powered pizza box for DJs that syncs to users’ phones or computers via bluetooth, and can connect with any MIDI-compatible DJ software.

The pizza box of the future comes equipped with two decks, pitch and volume controls, a crossfader, and even a synch button, as beat-matching with a belly full of pizza and greasy fingers is the kind of finesse that is usually best left to the pros. The global pizza franchise is rolling out the new DJ gear at select locations in the UK with the purchase of a collection pizza with further release details to be made public soon.

Watch Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra show off Pizza Hut’s new controller above.

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