Porter Robinson and Madeon open up about ‘Shelter’ collaboration in new interviewE972b14a

Porter Robinson and Madeon open up about ‘Shelter’ collaboration in new interview

Porter Robinson and Madeon delighted fans last week by spontaneously announcing a joint North American tour featuring a collaborative live show. Along with the announcement, the pair shared their first collaboration together: “Shelter.” The palatable pop anthem was the exact kind of crossover piece you’d expect from their paralleling trajectories.

In the wake of the single, Porter and Madeon joined Australian radio station Triple J to discuss the process behind the collaboration. The interview begins with Madeon describing his studio in Nantes, France, which is located inside a bamboo garden, and includes “dedicated shrines” to Daft Punk and the Beatles. Porter further described it as the “perfect embodiment of him and his interests,” before adding, “such good vibes to be in there.”

The two also touched on their affinity for projects that don’t get bogged down in marketing. Madeon, for instance, prefers “when a project arrives that isn’t expected, that you can consume immediately, that isn’t drowned out in some extensive marketing campaign that overshadows a little of the substance.”

The two also went further in-depth on the Shelter tour and corresponding live show: “We’re gonna play together live on stage. We’re gonna play a combination of all our music,” Madeon said.

Finally, Porter discusses the possibility of bringing the tour to Australia: “We’d definitely love to; I don’t know if we have plans to do that yet but Australia has served me so, so well. I don’t think I’ve had a bad show there yet and I would absolutely love to bring this tour there.”

Listen to “Shelter” below, and check out all the dates for Porter Robinson and Madeon’s new collaborative tour.

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