Primal Scream – Dont Fight It Feel It (Melé Edit)Mele

Primal Scream – Dont Fight It Feel It (Melé Edit)

Lobster boy cohort and overall UK curveball Melé has turned heads on a global scale thanks to his truly innovative percussive work. Already a favorite among Annie Mac and the BBC’s elite, the man behind “Ambience” and an array of barn storming instrumental singles nabs a spot on the aforementioned broadcaster’s coveted Free Music Monday slot.

Behind the reigns of Primal Scream’s “Don’t Fight It Feel It,” we find the Liverpool producer back in his beat-savvy element with a next generation take on the old guard of Scottish rock. Stripped back grooves and cricket calls catch the cusp of Melé’s simple but effective agenda: straight up club cuts with easy flowing playability. It’s a promising continuation from a true beacon holder on the UK front right now.

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