Sailor &  I and Eekkoo – Letters (Jeremy Olander Remix)Letters Jeremy Olander Remi

Sailor & I and Eekkoo – Letters (Jeremy Olander Remix)

Jeremy Olander has established himself as a leading player in progressive techno, pioneering the blend of genres with crisp, drum-led productions that unfold with the melodic, intricate development that appeals to progressive fans. As a result, Olander’s contemporary work often takes on a mysterious, contemplative vibe that slowly branches further into sounds initially popularized by artists like Guy Mantzur.

Olander was recently selected by Eekkoo and Sailor & I to re-work the B-side of their new Letters EP. The producer does so in a brooding fashion, highlighting the original’s melancholic voice with bursts of ethereal synth progression and multilayered percussion. A lush, pluck-filled bass line acts as the track’s cornerstone element, both adding warmth and depth to overall song and communicating somber emotions through its keen arrangement.


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