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Shermanology – Movin’ Too Fast (Original Mix)

Dutch duo Shermanology have kept a low profile since releasing their Phylosophy EP for Be Yourself Music last summer. After a rather quiet period, the sibling duo has returned with a nod to the heyday of UK garage and the reign of Artful Dodger.

While it is a lesser known fact that Shermanology’s Andy Sherman was once the lead singer of Artful Dodger’s live shows following Craig David’s exodus, the re-issue of this Artful Dodger’s “Movin’ Too Fast” takes on noticeably respectful form. For their remake, Shermanology opt to place Dorothy Sherman’s luscious vocals into the spotlight, turning “Movin’ Too Fast” into a commercial house gem rife with the soulful edge of the original. We’ve heard a lot of garage-inspired takes within the electronic market of late, but Shermanology’s heartfelt ode hits a caliber that has us eagerly anticipating the familial duo’s next steps.

“Movin’ Too Fast” is available for purchase here.

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