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Steve Aoki offers apology for breaking fan’s neck

Four years after the fact, Steve Aoki has offered an apology to Brittany Hickman for breaking her neck at a show that took place at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel. At the time, Aoki tossed a life raft into the crowd and jumped from a 20-ft balcony, falling directly on top of Hickman. 

The impact left Hickman unconscious at the scene and incapacitated for two months, which then led her to sue Steve Aoki and the Hard Rock Hotel in 2013. A two-week trial concluded this week, where the majority vote landed in favor of Hard Rock.

Despite the results of the trial, Aoki and Hickman have arrived at a “confidential settlement,” during which time he had a chance to formally apologize for hurting her nearly four years ago. An official statement has since been released:

“Steve would never want anyone to get hurt at one of his shows and is sorry Ms Hickman did. After they reached a confidential settlement, they had the chance to speak, and Steve got the chance to apologise. The favorable verdict for his co-defendant, Hard Rock Hotel, brings welcome closure to all parties.”

Watch a recap of the incident below:

Via: NME

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