Stream the official soundtrack to Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’Stranger Things

Stream the official soundtrack to Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’

Netflix’s newest original series Stranger Things has enamored the American public through its ability to incorporate nostalgic sci-fi tropes from the 1980s into a modern, well-crafted TV series. A particularly defining factor of its appeal is its original soundtrack. Penned by synth band Survive, its members approached their writing in a way that accurately reflects music from the era while avoiding overly-cheesy aspects.

Popular demand for the Stranger Things soundtrack led to Netflix agreeing to release it to eager fans. Volume 1 has now been released, and is available for streaming via Apple Music, with a CD format to follow on September 16. Volume 2 will come out on August 19, with a CD on August 24.

Those who’ve already seen the show will find the soundtrack a vivid sonic depiction of the series. Its eerie and moody assortment of synth work stands out without accompanying imagery, allowing listeners to feel just how much of an impact the music has over the general aura of the series.

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