Study confirms beer tastes better with musicBeer

Study confirms beer tastes better with music

Belgian and Dutch researchers are making further headway into how psychological factors affect diet, electing music as a possible factor in how people perceive beer. Their experiment uncovered evidence leaning toward a positive correlation between the two, igniting intrigue into how sound can be used to assist maintenance of a healthy diet.

Scientists at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and KU Leuven in the Netherlands recruited a group of 231 participants to self-report their enjoyment of a limited-edition porter provided by The Brussels Beer Project. They were split into three groups, one of which consumed their drink in a label-less bottle without music, one that drank a labeled bottle of beer without music, and one that listened to music while drinking beer. Each person was surveyed before and after they drank the beer to see how their perception differed.

What they discovered after amassing results is that “people tend to feel more pleasure when experiencing beverages along with sounds that are part of the beverage’s identity,” according to Felipe Reinoso Cavalho, who led the study. Participants in general reported heightened enjoyment of the beer while listening to music, and that those who already knew the song playing in the background were found to like their beverages the most.

While these results are very new, the collaborators plan on expanding their research with more beer types, and eventually into different food groups.

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