9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio Moroder

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMA

With a well-deserved reputation for being a pioneer and innovator of electronic music, Giorgio Moroder has done more in 5-decade long career than most ever will. The Italian legend recently sat down to host an AMA on Reddit‘s r/electronicmusic. The musician covered topics ranging from the earliest days of his career to notable collaborations and the changes in technology that have led to a boom in electronic music — all the while exhibiting a youthful boisterousness for creating music that belies his age.

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1. He loves Skrillex, Marshmello and more.

Throughout the whole AMA, Moroder continually speaks of being impressed and influenced by the most recent generation of musicians currently operating. He highlighted Skrillex, Marshmello, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix as particular favorites.

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio1

2. Speaking of Skrillex…

Skrillex and Moroder were rumored to have been collaborating on music for a Tron video game a few years back. Nothing came of that rumor but Moroder hinted that what would be a monumental partnership may still have some life.

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio2

3. He met Daft Punk in Los Angeles before collaborating on Random Access Memories.

Daft Punk is partially responsible for Moroder’s current renaissance, making a point to honor the legend with “Giorgio by Moroder” on their latest album Random Access Memories. Moroder only had positive things to say about working with the venerable French robots.

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio10

4. He loves when other artists sample his work.

Be it spearheading the disco revolution or winning Oscars for his compositions, it’s a given that Moroder’s oeuvre would be sampled by other musicians far and wide. Luckily, it’s a practice that he thoroughly enjoys and champions, taking pride in the fact that his tracks inspire others to morph them into something of their own.

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio3

5. Electronic music’s dominance of the music scene surprises him.

Considering his position during electronic music’s earliest days, there are few higher authorities on the growth of the genre and its standing in the world. Even Giorgio couldn’t predict just how influential and dominant it would become in the decades since he got his start.

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio5

6. He appreciates advances in technology that allow him to work on the road.

Considering the lack of mobility the earliest synthesizers had, the earliest electronic musicians were more or less confined to a studio. Moroder has embraced the freedom that comes with computer-based producing that allows him to work on new compositions pretty much anywhere, as well as the ability to collaborate with others all over the world.

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio9

7. He still keeps it old school.

Moroder does have a favorite song and it’s a fitting one. “Flashdance… What a Feeling” won him an Academy Award for Best Original Song. His favorite synth is the revered Moog Modular, adding credence to the fact that no matter good digital synths get, analog is king.

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio7

8. His listening preferences aren’t limited to electronic music.

Real recognize real, as they say, and Moroder picks out fellow legends as his favorite rock groups growing up. There are certainly worse idols than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to inspire a musician to compose their own originals

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio8

9. Finally, he may or may not be working with Rihanna…

When asked by a fan who he is working with now and who he would like to work with, Moroder answered ambiguously with “Rihanna.” He was coy during the AMA in regards to current collaborators, so he may just be expressing a desire to work with the singer. Still, given her penchant to collaborate with producers — notably Calvin Harris — and Moroder’s standing as a legendary producer, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the two partner up in the future.

9 things we learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMAGiorgio4


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