Watch Porter Robinson’s full DJ set from Japanese nightclub ageHoPorter Robinson Press

Watch Porter Robinson’s full DJ set from Japanese nightclub ageHo

Last Friday, Porter Robinson played a DJ set at Tokyo nightclub ageHo — the same day tickets for his new collaborative live tour with Madeon went on sale. Luckily for fans all over the world, one attendee managed to film the set in its entirety and has now posted it to YouTube.

Although the large majority of Porter’s sets nowadays are live shows on massive festival stages, his appearance from ageHa marked a rare DJ performance. What’s more, the quick mix-and-match style recalls the spontaneity of his earlier, pre-Worlds career, and works spectacularly well with some of this new repertoire.

Find the full track listing below.

Tracklist (via nguds on YouTube):

  1. Porter Robinson – Language (anki bootleg)
  2. Galantis – You (Psychic Type VIP Remix) x Better off Alone
  3. Rustie – Big Catzz (Porter Robinson Remix)
  4. Claris – Irony (Porter Robinson Remix)
  5. banvox – summer w/ graves & Coolights – Say Things (Crankdat Re-Crank)
  6. banvox – summer w/ Moksi – The Dopest (Cesqeaux Remix)
  7. KRNE x Jupe – Quartzz w/ ID JapVocals
  8. Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
  9. Shadient – Lotus
  10. Madeon and Porter – Shelter
  11. Boyz Noise – Overthrow
  12. Dr Fresch – Gangsta Shit
  13. Carpainter – Browser Crasher (Sinden Edit)
  14. Raito – Hot Temptation
  15. Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling
  16. MALAA – Fade(Masayoshi Iimori Remix)
  17. Porter Robinson – Easy
  18. Daft Punk – One More Time (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
  19. Lolica Tonica – Make me Feel (Porter Robinson Remix)
  20. Yui Horie – Vanilla Salt w/ KRNE & Portrait – Italics VIP
  21. 30:35 ID? (It G Ma Remix?)
  22. AWE – Jurassic
  23. Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices w/ LigOne – Complete (R.O Remix)
  24. Yo Majesty – Club Action (Smookie Illson Bootleg)
  25. Noisia – Voodoo
  26. Baueer – Kung Fu Ft Pusha T and Future (ID Remix)
  27. Porter Robinson – Flicker
  28. Porter Robinson – Sad Machine
  29. Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix) [Outro]

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