Watch Skrillex and Wiwek’s debut short film, ‘Still In The Cage’Screen Shot 2016 08 18 At 1.44.32 PM

Watch Skrillex and Wiwek’s debut short film, ‘Still In The Cage’

Last night, Skrillex and Wiwek premiered their new short film, Still In The Cage, to a packed crowd at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA.

The new 18-minute short — directed by Canadian filmmaker Jodeb — mixes elements of a music video with a darkly surreal narrative. The film chronicles the journey of a few friends in Bangkok as they escape the city in search of a mythical village alongside the river. Soundtracked by Wiwek’s OWSLA EP, The Free and Rebellious, it’s a cerebral portrayal of both the city and Wiwek’s patented brand of ‘jungle terror.’

Wiwek called the film the “biggest project I’ve ever participated in,” before adding, “awesome experience to see the visual part and the music part coming together as one creative melting pot.”

Director Jodeb further added: “As a director, I took a chance by making an ironic piece that doesn’t take itself too seriously, while still infusing it with drama and darkness. Keeping the balance of tone was a real tight rope experience during editing. All the artists involved in the project weren’t scared of challenging the viewers and their fans with all these paradoxical narrative voices, especially because we believe that under the skin of this piece of work, there is a positive message.”

Watch it in full above.

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