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Wess & Galoski vs. Metrush – Novi (Original Mix)

Tastemaker blog turned experimental label concept BMD Ψ FRIENDS has shown a clear commitment to investing heavily in new talent, nurturing some impressive releases since its transformation at the outset of 2016. Adding Wess, Galoski and Metrush to their humble roster for the final hurdle of the Summer, ‘Novi’ marks an illuminating moment for label and artists alike.

Taking a swing at the peak time electro house market with sharp lead work, expert precision and huge energy, ‘Novi’ cuts past the competition with a rare balance of quality club playability and fresh instrumental vitality — two assets severely lacking elsewhere within the genre. What we’ve seen from the camp at BMD to date is surefire evidence of an ear for quality and a heartfelt pledge to exposing new talent, both of which stand front of house for Wess, Galoski and Metrush’s joint label debut.


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