Amoeba Music to open in-store marijuana dispensaryAmoeba Music Hollywood

Amoeba Music to open in-store marijuana dispensary

Amoeba is a company that places high value on quality music and the counterculture around it. Their newest achievement couldn’t possibly align further with these values. In a few months from now, the Berkeley store location will become the first record store to our knowledge which doubles as a marijuana dispensary. While their first attempt at securing a license to distribute marijuana was obstructed, their second attempt has officially succeeded, at least according to Amoeba’s Facebook.

The dispensary will be placed in the Jazz section of the store and will be run by the Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective (BC3). A short distance away, the store will also be home to a marijuana doctor who can help those in need with prescriptions before purchasing.

Such news comes as a delightful turn of events for Amoeba, who announced just a few weeks ago that it will be selling its iconic Los Angeles location. Luckily, however, the store will remain in tact for up to several years, until the duration of its lease ends.

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