Baauer announces new Apple Music Beats 1 residency ‘Studio B’Baauer Beats 1 Residency

Baauer announces new Apple Music Beats 1 residency ‘Studio B’

An insatiable wanderlust and a fine-tuned ear for the eclectic sounds of the world have always been critical elements to Harry Rodrigues’ narrative as Baauer. His work’s complexion is a melting pot of tastes, cultures, and influences, all of which manifested themselves as core themes on his debut record from earlier this year, AaNow that Baauer has well-established where he stands as an artist, he is once again pushing boundaries as he steps into a tastemaking role with the announcement of his first Beats 1 residency, launching September 16. The bi-weekly broadcast will highlight music that inspires Baauer taken from emerging dance music hot-spots from around the globe.

While cities like New York and London will receive ‘Studio B’ spotlights, Baauer also intends to show off his palate for the new, inventive material coming out of regions such as Lisbon, Seoul, Mexico and Brazil. The show also promises to be Baauer’s testing platform for a handful of unreleased music.

Guest selectors will join Baauer on air for each episode, with Brazil leading off Baauer’s inaugural show. The show gets its name from Baauer’s former Vegas residency, but now Baauer is taking ‘Studio B’ out into the world on a mission to highlight the most enticing new sounds out there.

Tune into Baauer’s ‘Studio B’ here.

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