BBC Radio 1 plans to be the ‘Netflix of music radio’Bbcr1

BBC Radio 1 plans to be the ‘Netflix of music radio’

This Autumn, BBC Radio 1 will be launching a new “phone first” strategy which Controller Ben Cooper believes is a necessary step in preparing the station for a profitable future. The plan takes inspiration from other streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify in which 25 hours of programming a week will be made specifically for on-demand listening, in addition to regular programming which is confined strictly to radio air timing.

“The reason for this is I believe going forward Radio 1 should have curated on-demand programming on a par with live on-air programming,” explained Cooper in a new interview with The Guardian. “Spotify and Apple are trying to take our crown of being the place to discover new music,” he continued. In switching to the new phone-first strategy, he plans to make BBC1 the “Netflix” of music radio that will continue to place the station on the top of its game in terms of being a prime space to discover new music. By next year, that 25 hours will expand to an even greater amount of programming.

Preparation for BBC’s transition into the new age of broadcasting began earlier in 2016, where the company announced the consolidation of its TV and Radio divisions in order to streamline its process into an “audience-led” one.

Via: The Guardian 

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