Listen to Boys Noize’s contributions to the ‘Snowden’ soundtrackBoys Noize Standing In Front Of Bricks

Listen to Boys Noize’s contributions to the ‘Snowden’ soundtrack

Today, September 16, Oliver Stone’s biopic Snowden, centered around Edward Snowden’s controversial NSA leak in 2013, was released in theaters. The film’s official soundtrack was released alongside the movie’s theatrical premiere, and features two songs from a very fitting contributor: Boys Noize. The chaotic and, at times, dystopian character of Alex Ridha’s music makes him a remarkably well-suited musical complement to the Orwellian story of Edward Snowden’s tribulations.

Ridha’s most notable contribution to the film is “Mayday,” the titular single from his album released earlier this year. As Snowden was released, Boys Noize premiered an official video via 4chan featuring footage from the film set to “Mayday,” which can be seen whenever a user reaches 4chan’s error page. What may slip past many fans’ radars, however, is an new remix which Boys Noize produced for the soundtrack. The twelfth track on Snowden‘s OST is “Secret Downloading (Boys Noize Remix 2),” a haunting cut which sees Ridha expound upon composer Craig Armstrong’s original composition. Harrowing melodies, trepidatious rhythms, and a complex emotive progression pervade Boys Noize’s remix and evoke a strong sense of suspense.

View Boys Noize’s “Mayday” video above, and listen to his “Secret Downloading” remix below.

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