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Listen to The Chainsmokers’ new single, ‘All We Know’

When it comes to creating a winning formula for radio hits, The Chainsmokers have certainly mastered the art. Bursting out onto the scene with their infamous single “#SELFIE,” they’ve since gone down the indie electro pop route, most recently ascending to the number 1 spot in the Billboard Hot 100 for their summer anthem “Closer” alongside Halsey.

Their newest collaboration has just dropped, and is primed to become yet another notch in their belt of successful hits. Utilizing the ethereal guitars heard in “Don’t Let Me Down,” Phoebe Ryan along with Drew Taggart himself lend their vocal talents into the mix to create a palatable piece that makes for a relaxed listening experience. The piece was initially previewed in their Kaaboo festival set among a few others and has earned a positive fan reception thus far.

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