Watch The Chainsmokers drop their new vocal single at Kaaboo Music FestivalChainsmokers

Watch The Chainsmokers drop their new vocal single at Kaaboo Music Festival

The Chainsmokers have become America’s new crossover darlings, rivaling Calvin Harris with their choice selection of collaborators and ability to consistently perch themselves at the top of the charts. “Closer” with Halsey became their most recent smash hit, an anthemic piece which has been gracing radio airwaves and other DJs sets since the beginning of summer. Their success has catapulted a new bout of time in the studio, where the duo plan on collaborating with more star players such as Linkin Park and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

One of their new productions was revealed in San Diego this past weekend during their Kaaboo set. Using their currently winning formula of laid back indie-leaning rhythms laced with guitar samples and ethereal lyrics, the mysterious ID is primed for crossover success. Though neither the identity of the vocalist nor a presumed release date has been revealed, more details will likely emerge as the pair continue to test run the track.

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