Chet Faker sheds his moniker; offers first song as Nick Murphy, ‘Fear Less’Chet Faker Nick Murphy Press Shot

Chet Faker sheds his moniker; offers first song as Nick Murphy, ‘Fear Less’

For now, Chet Faker is no more.

The Melbourne producer, lesser known as Nick Murphy, is switching gears on his sophomore studio project which will be released under his own name. To debut his new endeavor, Murphy has released the first single from his new project, “Fear Less.” Pivoting away from the sultry, emotive crooning of Built on Glass and the off-kilter sonic experimentation that defines his work alongside Flume, Nick Murphy’s debut piece proudly wears his name on its sleeve, painting the picture of Murphy’s leap of faith into a brand new sound.

The suspenseful new track sheds Chet Faker’s familiar soulfulness, and finds Murphy’s unmistakable voice woven around catalyzing chord progressions. “Fear Less” then spirals into a full on howling, psychedelic synth-rock crescendo, presenting itself as the logical next step in the evolution of the still-emerging artist now known Nick Murphy.

Via: Pitchfork.

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