French maestro N’to shares two melodic techno tracks [Exclusive]La Cle Des Champs Nto

French maestro N’to shares two melodic techno tracks [Exclusive]

Melodic techno imprint Hungry Music is quickly gaining traction outside of its home base in France thanks in part to the cinematic, multi-layered pieces put forth by its founders Joachim Pastor, Worakls, and N’to. The three frequently integrate classical elements into their work, making for powerful live performances and timeless releases.

Label co-founder N’to has contributed the latest EP to Hungry, with two dazzling tracks: “La Clé Des Champs” and “In The Mood for Noune.” The former introduces melancholic shades of horns right off the bat before delving into a hypnotic groove laced with haunting arpeggios. The track’s development contributes to its intrigue, introducing various new instrumentation at different station that diversify its sonic profile while contributing its overall gloomy nature. The latter track, “In The Mood for Noune,” brings acoustic instrumentation to the forefront, crafting an airy, slow-paced piece that is the perfect complement to the tone set forth in “La Clé Des Champs.”

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