DA Premiere: Raito – ‘Moon Dance’ EPRaito Moon Dance Cover

DA Premiere: Raito – ‘Moon Dance’ EP

Raito hasn’t yet become a household name in the techno community, but it seems to be only a matter of time before he takes over the underground. The French producer has carved out a niche in purveying his expertly-crafted brand of spacious, forceful techno. After astounding audiences in 2015 with his Start/Den Stop EP, a collaborative effort with fellow producer Deapmash, Raito has begun burgeoning as an influential producer. Late in 2015, Raito’s aggressively minimal track “Hot Temptation” garnered the producer significant attention when it was picked up by Main Course. Since then, he has continued to rumble warehouses with his Giant  EP and, most recently, his REZZ collaboration, “Alien.”

Raito’s newest EP, Moon Dance, sees a release on Boysnoize Records – his second release on the imprint, following his contribution to the Miami Noize 7 compilation in March. In Moon Dance, Raito continues his arena-ready brand of simplistically cerebral techno, typified by haunting leads, deep builds, and steadily driving percussion. Spanning four tracks, Moon Dance is an immutable tour de force which will likely earn him a consistent spot on Boys Noize’s roster. “Moon Dance” and “Innersense” stand out as the EP’s most shimmering selections; the former has already found its way into Boys Noize sets, while the latter is a harrowing techno track suitable for the most acrid Berlin warehouses.

Moon Dance is out September 2 on Boysnoize Records.

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