The story of Daft Punk and Jay-Z’s secret ‘Tron’ collaboration, ‘Computerized’Large E1359245972304

The story of Daft Punk and Jay-Z’s secret ‘Tron’ collaboration, ‘Computerized’

Before Random Access Memories took the world by storm in the summer of 2013, Daft Punk scored Disney’s Tron: Legacy. In an interview with Mitchell Leib, the Executive in Charge of Music for the film, Lieb reveals the history behind convincing the duo to work on the film and their cancelled collaboration with Jay Z, which was supposed to be the score’s lead single.

The unreleased collaboration, known as “Computerized,” was the result of the studio hounding the group to provide a single in advance of the score’s release. The final product, however, was shelved due to Leib’s concerns that the lyrical content was too grounded in real-life to mesh well with the movie’s fantasy nature. The track did eventually leak in 2014 (which you can listen to below).

The interview also reveals that the duo had to be persuaded over several months before acquiescing and agreeing to score the film. Collaborations with composers Hans Zimmer and Alexandre Desplat were also on the table before being dismissed. The robots eventually carved out 19 months to work on the score and had Disney build them a studio solely to work on it, eventually also being used to record Random Access Memories.

The full interview with Leib can be found here. Stream “Computerized” below:

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