Daft Punk appear on unconfirmed Lollapalooza Chile lineupDaftpunk

Daft Punk appear on unconfirmed Lollapalooza Chile lineup

Daft Punk are experts at shrouding themselves in mystery. Despite not having toured in nearly 10 years, widespread fervor inevitably ensues at the slightest chance of their public revival. One such example of this happened at Coachella 2014 when during Arcade Fire’s Weekend 1 performance, when droves of people rushed wildly to the main stage when actors portraying the infamous French duo showed up to the performance.

They sparked even further intrigue on the evening of September 21 when they surprised fans with a brand new single that they co-created with The Weeknd. Now, a “leaked” lineup for Lollapalooza Chile that appeared on Reddit is drumming up high hopes from fans that they will reprise their life on tour come April 1.

While it’s important to note that this lineup is almost assuredly fake, and that Daft Punk have not been announced for any 2017 festivals, it does bring attention to the fact that this coming year could potentially mean a real performance from the pair. The reasoning? They embarked on their Alive tour in 1997 and later revived it in 2007. So, if they continue on with the trend they’ve set forth thus far, one might be lucky enough to see them live over the next 12 months. This of course remains completely in the air, as after all, the reclusive musicians are notorious for defying any expectations around them.

Daft Punk appear on unconfirmed Lollapalooza Chile lineupDaft Punk Lollapalooza Chile


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