deadmau5 expresses disappointment after his ‘Cube’ setup is imitatedDeadmau5 Cube

deadmau5 expresses disappointment after his ‘Cube’ setup is imitated

Deadmau5 has fallen victim to plagiarism, as he learned on Thursday evening through Twitter. Video clips have surfaced depicting a DJ duo reportedly called ZTwist mixing atop a setup that looked like a low-quality version of the deadmau5’s famed “Cube” during a show in Texas. Krewella’s former tour manager, Erik Fink, is accused as the responsible party in providing the imitated stage production.

Naturally, this development was disheartening to deadmau5, who values finding one’s uniqueness in the industry. “It’s pretty frustrating to spend millions of dollars on an idea that sets you apart only to be poorly replicated by someone else,” he wrote on his Twitter before reiterating just how much time and manpower had gone into the Cube’s design and revival this past year. “It’s heartbreaking, really,” he continued.

deadmau5 expresses disappointment after his ‘Cube’ setup is imitatedDeamau5 Cube Ripoff

Deadmau5 has since tweeted that he and Fink have resolved the issue.

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