Deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’ officially remixed by Com TruiseDeadmau5

Deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’ officially remixed by Com Truise

The hype surrounding mau5trap’s upcoming release, mau5trap 100 — an official remix EP to deadmau5’s legendary “Strobe” — is through the roof. While we’ve long been teased by the prospect of the project, over the past few weeks, many of the forthcoming renditions have finally surfaced. Following official cuts of Dimension’s drum ‘n’ bass remix of “Strobe” and Feed Me’s glorious 9-minute electro reworking, Com Truise’s long-awaited spin has finally seen the light of day.

The American synth wave legend proffers arguably the most eclectic reimagining we’ve heard of “Strobe” thus far. In fact, throughout the first half of remix, deadmau5’s original composition is hardly recognizable — if not absent entirely. It’s only when the iconic melody kicks in after 4 and a half minutes that Truise reminds us of the original’s saccharine beauty. Listen to Com Truise’s remix in full below.

Mau5trap 100 is reportedly due out this Friday, September 23.

Bonus: Listen to Dimension’s drum ‘n’ bass remix of “Strobe”:

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