Fabric to officially appeal its closureFabricLondonGram

Fabric to officially appeal its closure

A seemingly biased decision by the Islington Town Council to revoke famed London club Fabric’s license due to an uncontrollable “drug culture” is not one that owners, and the international dance community at large, will accept easily. Proponents of the club outlined how, across its lifetime, only 6 out of an estimated 6 million people who attended lost their lives in or near its grounds, and how compliant they’d been with authorities to protect the lives of others beforehand. Unfortunately, those in charge decided like others across the world that shutting its doors would be the best solution.

Fueled by thousands speaking out in defense of the club, Fabric owners, in conjunction with the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), have filed an appeal against the Council decision. The NTIA is also heading a funding campaign to pay for legal fees, which seeks the help of the 150,000 people who signed the #savefabric petition in addition to other donors to raise £500k. NTIA Deputy Chair Alex Proud says this amount will be sufficient to “keep Fabric going until the appeal and make sure that we have the best QC [senior lawyer] in the world working for us and winning this case, which we will do.”

Fundraising has yet to commence as of writing time.

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