Glastonbury’s future now in questionGlastonbury 10

Glastonbury’s future now in question

Michael Eavis, the founder of Glastonbury, has revealed that his plans to move the festival to nearby Longleat have fallen through, suddenly putting the future of the festival at risk. Eavis had intimated in June that the festival could move from its current Worthy Farm location due to land-ownership issues and concerns over a gas pipe on the site.

Reports indicate, however, that the owner of the new proposed site in Wiltshire, Lord Bath, who is on board with hosting the festival, has been overruled by his son Ceawlin Thynn, the Viscount of Weymouth. Eavis is quoted as saying, “Longleat probably won’t happen anymore,” before going on to indicate that there is some familial strife between father and son.

Thynn and his wife Emma have concerns over the amount of mud the festival would produce, which, in their estimates, would cause the whole of the estate to be closed for a three-month period.

The festival is now under the gun to find and move to a new location in three years, causing Eavis to remark, “I fear for Glastonbury.”


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