Watch Griz jam with ‘Daft Punk’ at Burning ManGriz Daft Punk

Watch Griz jam with ‘Daft Punk’ at Burning Man

Ever year, rumors of Daft Punk appearing at Burning Man abound. It’s no coincidence that it’s become one of Black Rock City’s longest running jokes. Are ‘Daft Punk playing the trash fence?’ It’s a perennial mythos at this point.

Griz is the latest to get in on the fun, joining a mysterious Daft Punk duo from Burning Man to perform a live sax accompaniment to “One More Time.” Griz shared a clip of the performance with the caption: “That time i played sax with Daft Punk at burning man,” flustering countless fans in the process who haven’t caught wind of the joke.

Is it them? Probably not. Well, of course not. But we can dream, can’t we? Watch Griz’s sax performance with ‘Daft Punk’ below:

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