Harambe hologram to be featured at Day For Night FestivalHarambe

Harambe hologram to be featured at Day For Night Festival

Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that was fatally shot in May, became a viral sensation after his death as an internet meme and overall cultural phenomenon. Several musicians have paid homage to his life thus far with artists such as Young Thug and Getter offering tribute pieces. One festival is now capitalizing on the Harambe craze by adding his hologram to their lineup.

Houston’s Day For Night Festival, which takes place in December, has added a hologram Harambe to their lineup after just announcing that they will host Aphex Twin’s first live performance in 8 years. Further artists scheduled to perform include Squarepusher, Run The Jewels, Blood Orange and more.

The gorilla’s virtual ghost will also appear for a DJ set at the Fat Jew IRL Festival, which is organized by the titular Internet personality, though it is unclear if this will be another hologram appearance.

Harambe joins a growing list of other deceased celebrity holograms such as Tupac and Whitney Houston.

Via: Stereogum

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