Listen to deadmau5’s forthcoming track, ‘Analogical’Deadmau5 Razer

Listen to deadmau5’s forthcoming track, ‘Analogical’

For the last several months, clips of an unreleased deadmau5 track, “Analogical” have been circulating around the Internet. On Sunday, September 25, during one of Joel Zimmerman’s extensive Twitch studio live streams, the Canadian producer played what is presumably the fully-finished version of the track.

A SoundCloud user has now captured this version of “Analogical” in full for fans to enjoy as a singular track. While the uploader has provided some minor sonic edits to help the piece stand alone as an individual cut, the audio remains largely unadulterated, giving listeners a fair impression of how the composition will play in its final form. Clocking in at over eight minutes in length, “Analogical” has all the makings of a classic deadmau5 opus.

The first five minutes of the track center around serene, ambient soundscapes, void of any percussion whatsoever. Eventually, the song progresses into a wistful dance segment that is structurally simplistic, but sonically challenging. “Analogical” will presumably appear on deadmau5’s forthcoming album.

View the full Twitch stream here.

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