Neon – ‘Inadvertance’ EP

Neon is the collaborative project between Parisian producers Johann Adam and Kevin Hennekinne, who produce as solo acts under the names Adam and Olson, respectively. While underground, both producers are rising stars in the French techno scene; For example, Adam’s menacing track “Quarrel” was featured on Bromance’s Homieland, Pt. II compilation earlier in 2016.

Neon’s largest effort to date is their newly-released Inadvertance EP, taking its name from the French for “inadvertence.” Neon say their EP was born through a common emotional and narrative vision of music:

“This opus is the result of a very personal analysis of our contemporary society. They intend to confront the urges and tensions that, we feel, people endure on a daily basis, with the monotone lifestyle that undoubtedly stands out in our uncertain, self-oriented and urban society.”

The duo’s shared interest in exploring new sonorities strives toward the end goal of producing something “instinctive and contrasted,” which they achieve with remarkable efficacy over the course of their four-track EP. From the cerebral perplexity of the titular track, to the dark industrial tones of “Crépuscule,” Inadvertance traverses a vast range of techno territories, which are instinctually inspiring and characteristically contrasted. Overall, the EP would be considered a strong offering for veteran producers, but is an exceptionally impressive introduction to the burgeoning pair.

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