Paris Hilton has discovered Eric Prydz and is playing ‘Opus’ in IbizaParis231014

Paris Hilton has discovered Eric Prydz and is playing ‘Opus’ in Ibiza

It finally happened. Paris Hilton has discovered Eric Prydz and is rinsing his masterpiece, “Opus.” A new video has surfaced showcasing Hilton dropping Prydz’s legendary composition at Amensia nightclub in Ibiza. The rare turn of events has essentially compounded multiple of our fears into one: a Paris Hilton Ibiza residency mixed with her performing Prydz’s music. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Of course, to be upset with Hilton playing Eric Prydz is admittedly elitist. Everyone should be able to play whatever music they choose — regardless of who they are and how they got there.

But still, we can’t help but ask, why the hell did she have to choose Eric Prydz? The living, breathing, Swedish progressive legend is, by definition, the polar opposite of Hilton’s persona: a self-made studio wizard and DJ phenom who prides authenticity above all else. Hilton, by contrast, has essentially been handed a residency at one of the world’s greatest clubs through sheer celebrity alone.

The juxtaposition is perhaps the most startling part about it. It doesn’t help that the rest of the set was earmarked by 2012 big room hits like Showtek’s “Cannonball” and Nari & Milani’s “Atom.”

Watch Paris Hilton playing “Opus” at Amnesia below:

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