Porter Robinson and Madeon share teaser for Shelter Live tourPRM SHELTER TOUR

Porter Robinson and Madeon share teaser for Shelter Live tour

In early August, dance fans received news that seemed too good to be true: Porter Robinson and Madeon announced a long-awaited collaboration in the form of a joint North American live tour. In addition to the tour, the duo also dropped a new single together, titled “Shelter.” With Madeon on vocals, the ethereal pop anthem represents just a taste of what audiences will experience as the two come together for their live collaboration.

Once an official tour was announced, shows sold out so quickly previously-announced cities added additional nights, and a slew of new cities were added to the roster.

Alas, fans of the artists needn’t wait any longer as their Shelter Live tour officially kicks off tomorrow, September 29, in Atlanta. The show will consist of Porter Robinson and Madeon playing live together. Collaborating on-stage, the two will perform a mixed setlist of reworks of their individual tracks.

Building off the immense hype behind the tour, Porter Robinson and Madeon have taken to social media to tease their live collaboration with a new behind-the-scene rehearsal video and tweets.

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