What So Not and RL Grime have finished their followup to ‘Tell Me’What So Not Rl Grime 2016

What So Not and RL Grime have finished their followup to ‘Tell Me’

On September 9, Chris “Emoh Instead” Emerson released Divide & Conquer, his first EP as What So Not since Flume’s departure. Divide & Conquer queued fans into Emerson’s autonomous vision for What So Not, which stylistically deviated somewhat from the project’s prior releases. The EP showed, however, that Emerson’s affinity for collaborations has remained a core facet to the What So Not project, receiving input from a sizable list of artists throughout its course.

Undoubtedly, What So Not’s most pivotal collaborator to date has been RL Grime. In March of 2014, the two trap music innovators released “Tell Me,” one of the most significant contributions to the genre’s canon. “Tell Me,” which saw the two acts mix lush melodies with formidable horns and monolithic rhythms to create a remarkable balance of stylistic yin and yang, still appears regularly throughout festival sets today.

Longtime fans will be elated to learn that What So Not and RL Grime have completed a second collaboration. On September 15, What So Not posted the following picture online, showing the two producers in the studio after having apparently finished a joint production.

Trying to look as hard as this tune we just finished @rlgrime

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Though What So Not had been a solo endeavor for quite some time before the release of Divide & Conquer, Chris Emerson has to start the project from scratch to a degree, given the sizable absence left by Flume’s exodus. The forthcoming endeavor with What So Not’s most compatible collaborator will surely prove to be an enormous help to Emerson – who is an undeniably strong talent in his own right – in his mission to show both old fans and new that he is worth his salt as an artist.

Listen to the pair’s previous collaboration, “Tell Me,” below:

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