Spotify partners with Tinder to create more accurate matchesTinderspotifyjpg23

Spotify partners with Tinder to create more accurate matches

Music streaming giant Spotify has teamed up with dating app Tinder to make it easier for users to discover who their potential dates are listening to regularly. Formerly, music interests were implied based on which bands and artists users ‘Like’ on Facebook, but now Tinder account holders can select their favorite song, or an ‘anthem,’ to host directly on their profile.

To experience the full scope of the partnership, users must have both a Tinder and Spotify account. While non-Spotify users will be able to preview anthems, only individuals with profiles across both platforms will be able to choose an anthem. Syncing a Spotify account will also enable you to add your favorite artists to your profile to enhance the match-making process.

Via: Pitchfork

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