Explore the synth sounds of the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack in this video walkthroughStranger Things

Explore the synth sounds of the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack in this video walkthrough

Hype for Stranger Things remains firmly in place months after its first reveal on Netflix. Its soundtrack has become a phenomenon in itself, satisfying legions of older fans nostalgic for the sounds they grew up with as well as younger fans who are intrigued by the warm, vintage quality of the synthesizers. The composers behind it, S U R V I V E, have received such an influx of attention that hey’ve even been booked at a festival slot in Poland to perform the full score.

Not too long ago, deamau5 expressed his admiration for Stranger Things by way of replicating the central theme and molding it into a contemporary remix of his own. YouTube channel Reverb has now posted a walkthrough of the synths behind the soundtrack, offering an educational look into the inner workings of various synthesizers used in the soundtrack’s composition.

Musician and tech enthusiast Justin DeLay takes viewers through a 15-minute tutorial where he recreates several standout hits from the Stranger Things soundtrack on various types of synths, explaining different methods the composers might have used along the way. See the full version above.

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