Watch The Chainsmokers hilariously fall off stage during festival setMaresdefault 20

Watch The Chainsmokers hilariously fall off stage during festival set

The Chainsmokers’ are known for their lively antics during their performances — so much so that it’s become an integral part of their brand. During a recent festival set, however, one half of the duo, Alex Pall, got a little too carried away in his excitement on-stage.

A new video shows Pall jumping up and down on the table in the DJ booth to the tune of the pair’s “Don’t Let Me Down,” matching the song’s buildup with his own joyful anticipation. As the song hits its anthemic drop, however, Pall takes an unfortunate spill off the side of the table. It’s a hilarious clip — especially as we can confirm that Pall was not injured in the short fall.

Humor aside — it does beg the question: at what point do stage antics become excessive? The contrast between an artist like John Digweed and Steve Aoki, for instance, is glaring. Yet, for many artists, such theatrics have become a key facet of the show itself — and in some sense, fans come expecting it. One might ask the question, however, where does it end? We, for one, would like to see a return to the music itself over overbearing stage antics.

Watch The Chainsmokers’ stage slip below:

Via: The Festive Owl