Wolfgang Gartner releases first-ever sample pack on SpliceWolfgang Gartner Press 2016

Wolfgang Gartner releases first-ever sample pack on Splice

As anyone who’s listened to Weekend In America or 10 Ways to Steal Home Plate can attest, Wolfgang Gartner’s sound design is some of the best in the game. The producer has an ear for synthesis and drum programming that, for almost a decade, has left bedroom producers in furious confusion, wondering just how he manages to achieve such interesting sounds.

The ‘how’ of Gartner’s sound design may remain a mystery, but, thanks to cloud-based music platform Splice, producers and fans can now get a glimpse behind the curtain with the release of Gartner’s first signature sample pack. The pack includes 300 sounds and samples, including a few full stems, that span Gartner’s long career. Listen to a demo of the sample pack below, as well as a full statement from Gartner on the release of the pack.

“When I began the Wolfgang Gartner project in late 2007, I started a new method of making my own drum sounds, sometimes from scratch, and sometimes by combining many drum samples and EQ’ing them all differently and heavily processing them. Making “Signature Series Pt. 1” allowed me to indulge in my love of sound design – spending hours and hours making individual sounds – and to be able to share those gems in their high resolution glory.”   

Check out the full pack on Splice here.

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