Watch Asia’s rising stars discuss future of electronic music at IMS Asia-Pacific [Exclusive]Panel Ims Asia Pacific 2016

Watch Asia’s rising stars discuss future of electronic music at IMS Asia-Pacific [Exclusive]

The electronic music industry is only just beginning to truly break ground in Asia. There are plenty of obstacles getting in the way of artists who are trying to break into the scene in the continent, however, the fact that over half of Earth’s population lives in the region — the majority of which have not been exposed to electronic music — is turning the young market into the “wild west” of EDM.

The International Music Summit (IMS), the premier platform for thought leadership in electronic music, recently held the third Asia-Pacific event in Shanghai, China. 300 delegates from over 20 different countries in the Asia-Pacific region spent two days discussing strategies for breaking into the market and what the future may hold for the area’s music industry. Along with panels and keynotes, IMS partnered with Boiler Room to bring Skrillex to a club in Shanghai for his debut Boiler Room set.

In this video, a panel of rising stars from the Asia-Pacific region, including Chace (China) and Myrne (Singapore), came together onstage to discuss their journey and the growing presence of local talent.

Of course there are the obvious hurdles faced by up-and-comers like China’s “Great Firewall,” which blocks access to all of the large social media sites such as Facebook and SoundCloud. However, the main difficulties seem to be the language barrier and the drastic differences in culture between the East and West.

Events such as IMS Asia-Pacific are evidence of the growing symbiotic relations between the two worlds. As time goes on, the industry that was transformed by the internet will be transformed once again by a massive amalgamation of cultures.

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