Bobby Tank Feat. Luca Franco – Catalyze (Original Mix)Bobby Tank Catalyze

Bobby Tank Feat. Luca Franco – Catalyze (Original Mix)

The glitchy beats and brawn of Bobby Tank have long made the UK native a rare and wonderful specimen of experimental electronic sophistication. For his latest single, a hint of nostalgia meets the same tectonic production capacity that has made such releases as ‘Lost Raven’ and ‘Undone’ such refreshing additions to the digital market.

With Luca Franco providing his epic, balad-esque vocal chops to the equation, ‘Catalyze’ rallies a myriad of influences and musical gestures. Nostaglic without ever sounding cheesy, to step into Bobby Tank’s latest is to hear the practiced beat smith at his most docile to date, but is no less appealing than we have come to expect from this painfully under-hyped producer.

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