The Chainsmokers announce upcoming EP, ‘Collage’Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers announce upcoming EP, ‘Collage’

With a veritable string of hits, including a chart-topper in “Closer,” as well as being the talk of this year’s VMAs, fans could certainly forgive The Chainsmokers for taking some time to step back and recuperate. However, the duo from NYC have no intention of resting on their laurels and, following a countdown clock that appeared on their website not too long ago, have announced they will soon be releasing a new EP.

This EP, the group’s first since 2015’s Bouquet, is so far untitled as well as lacking a release date. The hitmakers have, however, implored fans to navigate to their site, where, if enough people follow the group’s “Nice Hair” playlist on Spotify, they will release the EP’s artwork.

Update: The Chainsmokers have revealed the artwork and title of the new EP, Collage, which is set for release on November 4.

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