Check out the ‘Stranger Things’ score composer’s vintage synth collectionStranger

Check out the ‘Stranger Things’ score composer’s vintage synth collection

Maintaining a collection of vintage synthesizers tends to be very expensive, but most analog-users will maintain that the reward is worth the cost. Sometimes only a certain type of hardware that will create the sound an artist is looking for, and each piece of machinery will have unique characteristics that make it an inimitable tool. For the score of a TV series such as the Netflix series Stranger Things, which takes place in the 1980s and therefore warrants a retro sound, vintage synthesizers have proven to be a necessity.

Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, two members of the band S U R V I V E, are the sonic artists who created the soundtrack for the hit series. Although the video does not go into too much detail, Stein takes the viewer through part of his ever-evolving collection of vintage hardware, some of which were used in the creation of the eery, dark, and nostalgic soundtrack.

Remixes of the soundtrack have been heard from the likes of What So Not and Deadmau5. However, Stein and Dixon, along with the rest of the band, will be playing the original soundtrack live for the first time at the Unsound festival in Poland this month.

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