DA Premiere: Violet Days – Your Girl (Win & Woo Remix)YourGirl RemiCover Final

DA Premiere: Violet Days – Your Girl (Win & Woo Remix)

Swedish pop artist Violet Days have made the plunge into the US music scene, assisting fellow upstarts Hotel Garuda on their latest single “Fixed On You” and playing her first shows in the states. Her most recent single, “Your Girl,” was originally released independently back in Apri, but since amassing over a million plays, Violet Days attracted the attention of PRMD Music who have decided to release Win & Woo’s remix of the fiery track.

The Chicago duo clearly approach their flip with a minimalistic mindset. Bedding Violet Days’ vocals with light piano chords during the verse, Win & Woo swell the tension to a climax of distorted bass synths, high-pitched vocals and sharp percussive strikes.

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