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Daft Punk touring rumors resurface with cryptic website

Rumors of Daft Punk‘s excruciatingly-anticipated live return have become such a cliché in the dance music world that dismissing the likelihood of such a reunion has itself become clichéd. Guy-Manuel and Thomas Bangalter have “headlined” falsified Coachella lineups every year since providing the festival’s most famous performance in 2006, and have been the subjects of innumerable further hoaxes.

Fans of the iconic duo have recently become filled with (most likely) deluded hope once again, following a new iteration of the eternal reunion rumor which sprouted from the emergence of a “leaked” Lollapalooza Chile lineup. Though this particular speculation has been reliably debunked, much of Daft Punk’s fanbase has remained desperately hopeful for a return next year, noting the chronological Alive pattern; If the band’s two existing live albums were released in 1997 and 2007, would not a 2017 resurrection make sense?

Conspiratorial as this theory may be, a cryptic new website, titled lends credence to the conjecture – or at least attempts to do so. The website ostensibly reads “ALIVE” in large white letters upon a black screen. Upon further examination, however, the site provides (or beguiles) investigators with specific details. The page’s source code lists coordinates for cities which Daft Punk would likely visit during a tour. New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and, naturally, Indio all make the cut. Furthermore, a diminutive countdown timer within the “I” of “ALIVE” seems to be set to end on October 27.

Though history has taught the famed robots’ fans to be cautiously skeptical toward announcements of the band’s concert reunion, they may be privy to some very exciting news in three weeks from press time.

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