Deadmau5’s new album is finished and has been sent out to pressDeadmau5 Led Helmet 2

Deadmau5’s new album is finished and has been sent out to press

Artists can often be their own harshest critics. Such is the case it seems with deadmau5 and his impending eighth studio album, which, if early reports are anything to go by, could be arriving as soon as November.

During a recent Twiitch live stream, the Canadian producer casually remarked he had finished the album and shipped it out to some initial press outlets, before expressing his genuine surprise that the album was receiving positive feedback.

“So we gave the album out today to a couple of press dudes,” Zimmerman says during the stream. “A friend of ours is writing up a thing about it and said it was a pretty good. I was kind of taken aback by that. I didn’t really like it that much.”

The quote follows previous deadmau5 statements offering a similar sentiment about the new album:

Despite deadmau5’s negative mentality towards his new album, it’s worth remembering some simple truths about the creative process. Namely, that as artists, we tend to hate the things we create due to the sheer act of mindless repetition. When working on a song, an artist may listen to it 200 times over the course of a few months. In the case of a perfectionist like deadmau5, that process may be tenfold as long.

Check out our favorite cut from deadmau5’s impending new album, which, contrary to his sentiments, sounds like a worthy new single from the producer:

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