Destructo & Problem reunite to release ‘Winning’Destructo Problem Winning

Destructo & Problem reunite to release ‘Winning’

The first time Destructo paired with Problem, the resulting track, “Dare U 2 Move,” earned attention from rap and electronic fans who enjoyed Gary Richards’ raunchy combination of genres. Two years later, the HARD owner and rapper have reunited to release a second joint effort, “Winning.” Trap makes an even larger entrance into fold here than in Destructo and Problem’s prior collaboration, serving as the track’s breakdowns while the rapper lends auto-tuned vocals to make his regular array of subjects – vocally defying haters to add further zest to the desired hard-hitting effect.

“Winning” continues the g-house theme that has dominated Destructo’s music in recent years. His last single with Wax Motif, Pusha T, and Starrah, “Catching Plays,” was a heavily-acclaimed Summer track among followers for its heavy electro sounds and colorful verses. Both “Winning and “Catching Plays” will appear on Destructo’s forthcoming Renegade EP, which is slated to release in January 2017.

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