Watch the first-ever EDM TED talk

TED talks are known for being the vehicle for grand ideas. Speakers like Tony Robbins, Stephen Hawking, and Richard Branson have all given speeches at the venerated events series and, while electronic musicians like Mark Ronson have made appearances, there’s never been an EDM talk. That is, until now.

Though the clip is just over a year old, footage of this neon-tastic Tedx event about “loving life” is as relevant as ever. The “talk” is the work of the radical band Con Bro Chill. The Portland based quartet is known for their eccentric approach to extreme positivity, with sayings like: “just love the crap out of life” peppered throughout their eye popping website.

In the clip from Portland’s gathering, the band takes the stage on hoverboards wearing Steve Jobs-esque turtleneck ensembles. “Partying is radical togetherness,” says frontman Connor Martin. “It’s open synergy.” But that’s by far the most “normal” vignette from the whole affair as before two minutes have elapsed, the group are shirtless sporting mirrored jock straps.

From there, the clip is an explosion of frenetic neon, backup dancers, and even a church choir–all tied together with a simple message: “love life.”

Is this the weirdest TEDx talk ever given? Only time will tell.

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